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My testimony

Akash Halder (Leader of House Of Salvation)

My name is Akash Halder. I am from West Bengal. I was from a Hindu background and my family was orthodox Hindu. They used to worship idols and with them I also used to do. My grandfather was black magician and I thought in future I will be also black magician, but God chose me for his kingdom.
I heard gospel from my maternal uncle. He said Jesus is the living God. In every kind of dangerous situation when you pray, he will answer. And I said “OK,” and I ignored this.
But in 2007 I got an electric shock, and I got hung in an electric wire. I prayed to all my gods ram, Krishna, Shiva, please help me, please save me, please rescue me from this dangerous situation.
But I did not get any answer.
Suddenly, I was reminded of my maternal uncle’s speech that whenever in every kind of situation, pray and Jesus will answer because he is the living GOD. And I said that Jesus if you are living God save me from this condition and I will believe forever and I will work for you.
And suddenly I fell down from the electric wire and I was senseless, and the doctor said I will die within one hour. But when I awoke, I heard one voice that I am giving your life back. I am a Jesus and I saved you. From that day I started believing in Jesus Christ.
And my journey was started to know about Jesus Christ . But after this after this incident slowly slowly I forget about Jesus and started to come back in my past life because there is no one to guide me and help me to grow in Christ . And within 2 year I forgot about Jesus Christ and that time our family candition was very bad my father fall into sickness and my father could not work so my mother started to work in every one home cleaning their plate and home.That's I also started to work for my pocket money. I used to carry the wines bottle from the road and sell them to peddlers. One early morning I was going for carry the bottles and one street dog came and bite me in my left leg.and after that I took injection and I took vaccine of dog but I do not know the process somehow my lake started infection My legs started to rot and there was no flesh in my legs and I could see small insects and it smelled very bad. Can I check up with the doctor and doctor said it's become cancer and within one month you have to cut out your leg from the knee if you don't cut out your leg from the knee then it should become increase in your whole body and you'll die within 1 year. when I herad this news I shocked and my family also very shocked and I was feel very pain in my leg every day and we have planet to cut my legs from the knee.and again my maternal uncle came to me and he said Jesus is the living GOD he can answer any one prayer if you ask forgiveness he will forgive you and he will heal your leg because he is the living GOD.and I said to him that Jesus healed me once upon a time but I forgot him he will answer and my maternal uncle said yes he is the forgiver God he will answer.and then I started to praye in the name of Jesus Christ Jesus if you are the living GOD heal my leg and I will use this leg for your kingdom and doctor give me time for one month and within one month my leg totally healed and now I am using My leg for his Kingdom by the grace of God. God give me five places and I am ministering among  the children you can see in this website  all Glory goes to God


My testimony

Bipasha halder girls leader of (house of salvation)

My name is bipasha arong I am from West Bengal. I born in a Christian family. I grown up in a Christian hostel from my childhood. But I did not believe in Jesus Christ. And one day I heard someone testimony his name Akash (my husband) and from his testimony I got very much of inspiration.  One day we had an accident on the road and My knee was broken in that accident this accident I thought I would die and and I was hospitalised and I thought I'd have to cut out my lake from knee and when they operated my knee I thought I will die  I will not leave.  I was very afraid about hospital on the bed I prayed in Jesus name .Jesus please heal me and don't cut out my leg and I will work for your kingdom I will live for you and I can die for you .I just prayed like this. and jesus answered my prayer .and in my life so many areas I pray and he proved that he is the living GOD . and I am working for his Kingdom with my husband and until the last breath of my life I will work for his Kingdom if I have to give my life for his Kingdom I would give.
Thank you Jesus for your blessing in my life.

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