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Sponsor a Child 



Support Suraj for his education 

Hi My Name is Suraj and I Love Jesus, Jesus is my Lord I live with my maternal uncle Akash Halder. I want to study in a good school I want to speak in English our school don’t teach English. If we want to study in English medium school, we have to pay very big amount.  Will you be my sponsor ,my uncle ,my friend ,and support me in my education thank you. Love you?


Support Palash Mondal

Support the intelligent boy, Palash Mondal

His Name is Palash Mondal he is very intelligent boy “ he wants to be a doctor “he can memorise the Bible verse very fast he is good in English right now he is studying in class five. His family can’t give him a good English medium school. Can you support him for his good education ?


Smart boy Jit

Support Jit for medical treatment

His name is Jit he had a blood cancer he is 4 year old. His condition was so bad doctor declared he  will die and his family was hopeless and then they got the gospel and they surrender their life to Christ and then Jeet started praying to to the Lord and right now he is very okay. So he is not okay totally he have to take medicine and he have to go to check up with the doctor. So lots of medical things have to do so. His family is very poor. They are not able to support him so can you just support him for his medical treatment until he not become a healed so they need support for his treatment


Sponsor Arpan for his education 

Help Arpan

Arpan is a very strong and talented boy he is very good in education but his family situation is not very good he need support for his education 



Support Sudipto for his education 

Support Sudipto for his education he wants to  study in a goo school his family is not able to support for his education he need help for His education 

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